tisdag 12 april 2011

Open space

För er som besöker mig regelbundet kommer det nog inte som en överraskning att jag gärna skulle bo så här. Stora öppna ytor med massor av ljus och små kryp in att dra sig undan till.
Kan det bli bättre...
For those of you who visit me regularly will it probably not come as a surprise that I would love to live like this. Large open spaces with lots and lots of light and small hideaways.
Can it get any better...
Pics, Piccsy

2 kommentarer:

  1. It can't get better!:)
    I'm just catching up on all your lovely posts Hanna, it is like a beautiful dream here!
    Sarah xx

  2. Sarah, You are more than welcome to visit my dreams:) anytime.