onsdag 30 november 2011

Happy pic

Just to put a smile on your face.

Little Pink

1ReformIt 2Waffelgirldontdie 3Shotaroom

Prouvé design

I don´t know if you who read this blog recognize this behavior but this is typical me. When I get an idea in my head I can´t stop thinking about it until I get my way. This time, it will not happen. You have seen how I live and a table size XXL will never fit, regardless of how many times I measure and rearranging the furniture.. Like I said earlier, if you do have the space, go for it!
Celebrating my love for Jean Prouvé design, those chairs and lamp, with this pic. Found via French by Designs pinterest.

tisdag 29 november 2011


1,2 Abudance 3Weekday Carnival. Thank u.


O Happy Day!! OK, I´m not as thrilled as my mother in law is right now (no one is) but happy is an understatement. Marni makes collaboration with H&M!! Learn more.

Those lines

Perfection. I blogged the first pic a few months ago, but I think you will enjoy the rest of this beautiful place.
Meta Interiors via lovely Stil Inspiration. Thank u.

Magasin love

A Perfect Guide. One of my favorites. Edge fashion, interesting stories and beautiful photography.

måndag 28 november 2011

All black

Via Items By Designbird. That Celine bag..

Bachelor crib

Så här ser det ut när jag sitter och jobbar framför datorn en hel dag. Äter tacos från gårdagen, pimplar kaffe och en och annan Bounty slinker också ner. Planerar inför nästa jobb som jag tror kommer bli riktigt bra. En mörk och modern ungkarlslya med tyngd på klassisk design. Precis vad jag gillar.
Working in front of the computer all day. Eating yesterdays leftovers and planning for my next project, which I think will be really good. Dark and modern and with focus on classic design. Just how I like it.

A place in Tokyo

Cool girl. Lina Dimoda.

The big table

If you have the space use it! XXL would be nice. Really like the rest of this place aswell.

fredag 25 november 2011

Happy weekend

I´m leaving town for my best friends wedding. Feeling happy, nervous, excited, nostalgic but most of all filled with joy! See u.

Sweet mix

onsdag 23 november 2011


Sometimes I long for this "naked" lock. Clean, stripped from clutter and messy corners. But...I could never do it. Love things and color to much.
Found, Simple Life via Fen and Ned, Pinterest. Thank u.