torsdag 28 april 2011

Pic of the day

Pure picture love.

For lunch

Chicken burger with mayonnaise and tabasco. Easily one of my favorites even for dinner.
Det tar max 20 min sedan är det klart. Strimla och stek kycklingen i olja på svag värme. Hacka grönsaker under tiden, servera. Kan inte bli enklare. Väldigt gott.

onsdag 27 april 2011

pic, Visualizeus.


The bathtub, the golden shower head, the floor, the window, the concrete wall and black.. this is easy to like.
Pic, pinterest


I really like this dark-painted brick wall and black and white kitchen cabinets.
Pics, taverne-agency.

måndag 25 april 2011


Pics, Pinterest

Shop online

Beautiful things. Canvas.
Bokhyllan blev jag väldigt sugen på. Jättefin att ha i köket och fylla med grytor, kokböcker, vaser och handdukar. Jag har ingen plats men den som har, känn inspirationen.

Pic, Piccsy


The home of Bodie & Fou. Hoppas ni alla haft en fantastik helg. Det har verkligen jag. Njutit av sol, hav och massor av god mat.

fredag 22 april 2011


Really like this rug. But the size makes the difference. It would not be as cool if it was a smaller size, I think.

Black and white

Keep it clean and simple. I think its beautiful in so many ways but it would never work in my on home. I need some color too feel my self in the decor.
Pics, Bolig

torsdag 21 april 2011


This is too big but I would definitely have a neon sign in my home if I found one I liked.

Cool place

Living in the attic.


One of my elle favorites 2010. Enjoy!

Merci Birgitta

Vi pratar om att åka till Paris snart. Fick precis det här butikstipset av svärmor, tack fina Birgitta! Bilen är deras logga och maskot! Fin.
Opened in Paris last March, the 16,000 Sq foot concept store, is the new mecca for design and fashion lovers alike. Now in her sixties, Marie France Cohen and her husband, (who also created the chic children brand Bonpoint, 30 years ago), have founded yet another brilliant endeavor. Merci is the first “Charity Store” ( or Magasin Solidaire ) in France, it means that 100% of their profit will go to a charity association helping women and kids in Madagascar ( one of the poorest countries in the world ).

onsdag 20 april 2011

Barbara Berrada

This is the home of french photographer, artist and fashion designer Barbara Berrada. I love this pictures and her relaxed style. She runs the adorable children’s shop les zigouis.